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Avoid Future Pool Repairs With a Professional Remodel

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

While owning a swimming pool means getting to go for a swim whenever you want, it also means performing routine upkeep in order to keep your pool in good working order. But what happens when you notice you start to spend more time repairing your pool than actually swimming in it? If this is the case, your swimming pool could be due for some professional remodeling. In this blog from Sea Breeze Pools, we'll go over some of the benefits of a professional remodel and discuss why pool renovation might be the right choice for pool owners looking to avoid future swimming pool repairs.

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Does Your Pool System Need an Update?


Benefits of Professional Remodeling Services

  1. Save money in the long run

  2. Make your pool energy-efficient

  3. Prevent extensive repairs

Save Money Through Pool Remodeling

If you've been a proud pool owner for a while and have noticed your repairs are becoming increasingly frequent, there's a good chance you've also noticed that your spending is also on the rise. Though getting your pool remodeled isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination –– with renovation services ranging from as low as $7,000 to over $20,000 depending on the scale of the remodel and size of the swimming pool –– making this investment can limit frequent repairs and save money over time. Trusting a team of professionals with the proper know-how can help ensure that your remodel is done correctly and for a fair rate.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Design trends change regularly, and swimming pools are no exception. If your pool was built over a decade ago, it's likely that it does not meet modern energy consumption standards and is causing your cost of ownership to skyrocket. By opting for a professional remodel, you can bring your old pool up to modern energy efficiency standards and pay less on your monthly energy bill. Renovations to an outdated pool may include adding all-new equipment, which will ultimately lower your energy bill significantly.

Prevent the Need for Future Repair

If you're spending more time repairing your swimming pool than enjoying it, it could be high time for some pool renovations and possibly even a swimming pool remodel. In addition to the cost of constantly replacing pool equipment, remodeling your swimming pool can reduce the time and energy it takes to perform these repairs. While you might enjoy the elbow grease required during occasional pool maintenance, regularly having to repair pool equipment can grow tiresome. In the case of cracks in the pool's surface or pool deck, renovating might be the only thing standing between minor cracks and major damage to the surface structure.

Trust Sea Breeze With Your Swimming Pool Remodel

As you can see, a pool renovation or professional remodel can save pool owners time, money, and energy –– and can be an important factor in the longevity of a swimming pool. Pool remodeling can also revive the beautiful pool you had upon initial installation and can be the spark that makes you remember why you had a pool installed in the first place. The pool experts at Sea Breeze are skilled in pool service, repair, and renovation, and can ensure that your pool renovation is done right.

Thinking about reaping the benefits of a swimming pool remodel?

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