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Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool for Kids

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Here in Florida a lot of time is spent in pools. They are a great way to cool down and relax. But did you know that pools can also provide many benefits for your entire family?

Do you have a pool at your house? If not, you may be missing out on some great benefits for your kids. A pool can provide hours of fun and exercise, helping to keep your little ones healthy and active. Plus, it's a great way to cool off in the summer heat.

Looking for help with your pool maintenance?


Exercise For All

There are many water activities your children can enjoy, and they won’t even know they're exercising because it's so much fun! The best part about these types of games is that there isn't any equipment required. All you need for a great time in the pool are some friends who also love to swim.

Swimming is a great sport for all ages and abilities, from parents looking to keep their kids active in the water or get some exercise themselves as they recover from injury, as well as the non-swimmer who needs an opportunity for rehabilitation.

The therapeutic benefits of swimming are well documented - even pediatric asthma sufferers may experience fewer asthmatic episodes while swimming rather than riding a bike or running.

Clean Pool

Public pools are not always the cleanest. As a result, there is an increased risk for illnesses caused by bugs like Cryptosporidium and Giardia which can be brought in from outside sources, or poor pool maintenance practices such as leaving filters uncharged between uses without cleaning them properly afterward (which would kill off any bacteria).

With an at-home pool, you have complete control over the maintenance and cleanliness of your water.

Get Outside

The solution to getting your kids away from their tablets and phones might be as simple as installing a pool. While there is nothing wrong with staying indoors, lounging inside too much can have adverse effects- one of which is vitamin D deficiency! Sunlight provides our bodies with this vital nutrient; without enough sun exposure, you'll come short on health benefits like stronger bones or improved moods.

Spending time outside is important for your kids, but how can you make sure they spend more than just a few minutes at most? Pool activities are an excellent way of keeping them active and having fun. Investing in one of these aquatic adventures will give all members of the family list some much-needed exposure to fresh air!

Quality Family Time

Investing in a pool can be an excellent way to keep your children active and have fun. Not only will they get tired of being cooped up at home all day, but fresh air is guaranteed with water activities such as swimming! Both parents and kids are susceptible to stress from time to time so we must find ways for them to relieve their tension too.

There isn't anything better than lowering someone’s blood pressure by having some good old-fashioned laughs while splashing around during hot summer days.

Experience the Benefits Without Maintenance

There are so many benefits to owning a pool for your family. It’s an escape from the hot Florida sun, it can be used for exercise, and it’s great for hosting parties. Plus, there are no monthly fees like with community pools. Seabreeze has been servicing Central Florida Pools and we would love to help you maintain your pool!

You will never have to worry about chlorine again when you own a private pool because our maintenance technicians take care of everything for you. They will make sure that your water is always clean and clear by testing the pH balance every week. And if something goes wrong with the equipment or plumbing they will fix it right away before any problems arise. With us as your partner in keeping your pool running smoothly all year long, nothing is stopping your family from enjoying summertime fun at home all season long!

Let Us Maintain the Perfect Swimming Oasis Just for Your Family!


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