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Can You Swim After Shocking Your Pool?

Many Central Floridians do not use their pool as much in the winter or leave for extended periods for holiday travel allowing algae to build up which leads owners to need to shock the pool before use again. A question we get frequently asked at Sea Breeze Pools is, "How long before you can swim after shocking your pool though?" Today we are going to answer that question and help you better understand pool shock chemistry.

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What is a Pool Shock?

In order to enjoy a clean swimming hole all year long, it's important that you shock your pool on occasion. Contaminants build up every 1-2 weeks with regular use and can be hard for even the most well-maintained filter or sanitizer system in place! Contaminants are considered things such as sunscreen, cosmetics, algae, and sweat. By shocking our pools 1-2 weeks we keep these chemical additions under control.

Pool shock is an amplified cleaning process that uses multiple times the amount of chlorine used in regular pool cleanings. When you add this concentrated amount of chlorine, it can kill contaminants and assist with bringing water back into balance. This also means the water has a much more concentrated amount of chlorine and can harm any swimmers.

Many pool owners in Florida shock their pools to get rid of algae blooms. Depending on the severity of your algae bloom, it may take different amounts of time for you to get rid of it. It’s best to talk with a pool professional about what's going wrong and how long that process will be in advance before starting!

Can I Swim Yet?

After you have shocked your pool you must wait a full 24 hours before entering the pool. To ensure that your pool is safe, use a chemical test kit to see if the chlorine and pH levels are in balance. Make sure free chlorine has returned below 3 ppm! Once they are under 3ppm it is finally safe for you to swim.

If you are looking for a company in Central Florida to help with your pool cleaning so that you don't have to worry about any chemical imbalances or maintaining it all yourself, then Sea Breeze Pools might be the right choice for you.

We can take care of all the dirty work and leave you with more time to enjoy your pool. Our services include weekly maintenance and monthly maintenance. You will be able to relax knowing that we are taking care of everything. With our team on board, you won't have any worries when it comes to maintaining your pool!

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