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Sea Breeze Services: Pool Draining and Cleaning

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Learn more about the Sea Breeze Pool servicing process!

Pool draining and cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy pool. Overtime, pools become contaminated and removal of bacteria and stains is needed. Stains can be a result of well water, an old heater, copper algaecide, high pH, and high chlorine levels. It is important for a licensed professional to perform this task to guarantee safety from pool pops. Not only should to professional be insured with liability and workers comp, but also with “pool pop”. Special insurance is required specifically for the pool industry.

The equipment required includes: A large pump with 3 inch lines, a hose with high pressure nozzle to wash pool from a distance, muriatic acid, and a small electric pump.

Multiple steps come into play in order to execute a proper draining and cleaning. Prior to starting, test the finish of your pool to find the desired result after stain removal. Ensure there is no ground water present. If there is ground water present, a pump may need to be installed on a dead line that would pump the ground water underneath it. If the ground water is significant, this procedure may need to be done one full day before the pool is drained. If there is a significant amount of ground water and no dead line is present, a well point may need to be installed. For cleaning the pool, chlorine can be used to disinfect and and terminate all of the algae present. The pool should be properly cleaned and rinsed prior to giving it an acid wash. Since the acid wash contains hazardous fumes and can also damage or burn the finish if done incorrectly, this should only be done by a licensed professional.

A pool draining/cleaning should not be conducted too frequently. A pool that is overexposed to acid and hazardous fumes too often can ultimately become unsafe. Contact us here at Sea Breeze Services if you have any further questions on pool draining and cleaning, or need assistance with performing this task.

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