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DIY or Don't: Pool Repairs You Can Do on Your Own (and Others You Can't)

Spring is in full swing, and summer is just around the corner –– which means it's time to break out the pool toys! While Central Floridians are lucky enough to get swimming pool weather all year long, however, it's possible that you haven't taken a dip in a while and your pool will need some maintenance before your next pool party.

In this blog from Sea Breeze Pools, our team will walk Central Florida pool owners through the repairs they can do on their own –– as well as those that are best left to the professional pool maintenance team at Sea Breeze. Read on to get pool season ready!

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Common DIY Pool Maintenance Tasks

  1. Minor Crack Repair

  2. Cloudy Water

  3. Pool Pump Issues

  4. Pool Filter System Leaks

Repairing Minor Cracks

One pool maintenance task homeowners can do themselves is repairing minor cracks in the swimming pool's concrete surface. The only equipment needed for this DIY pool maintenance project is a flathead screwdriver, a pair of trusty goggles, and some pool putty. After using the screwdriver to widen cracks and remove debris, pool owners need only to apply the pool putty to fill the crack and prevent further damage.

Clearing Up Cloudy Water

If you haven't taken a dip in a while, it's possible that your swimming pool water has gotten cloudy or even murky. This can be due to pool chemicals, pool algae, your pool's filter system, or a mix of all of these –– but with the proper knowledge, clearing up cloudy water can is a swimming pool maintenance task most pool owners can do on their own. Whether through a swimming pool clarifier, using bottom drains, or even "stirring" the water with a pool brush, pool owners can eliminate cloudy water with ease.

Issues with a Pool Pump

When unwanted air enters the pool pump system, the ability of the pump to move water through the system is diminished. This can lead to the pump system overheating, which can result in larger issues down the road. If homeowners believe that their pool pump may not be operating properly, they can:

  • Check that the pump lid is secure

  • Clean and reseal the pump's O-ring

  • Inspect pump valves

If these do not solve the issue, the pool maintenance professionals at Sea Breeze would be glad to take a closer look.

Leaks In the Pool Filter System

While potentially one of the more complex pool maintenance tasks, fixing a leak in a swimming pool's filtration system can still be done without the help of an expert. Repairing the pool filter system will likely require some tightening of the air relief valve, and may even require replacing the valve altogether. If this does not solve the issue, there may be a serious leak in the system which a pool maintenance professional is better suited to fix.

Leave These Pool Maintenance Tasks to the Experts

  1. Repairing Large Cracks

  2. Cleaning a Green Pool

  3. Fixing Serious Leaks

Large Crack Repairs and Resurfacing

While pool owners can repair minor cracks in the pool's surface on their own, larger cracks are a different story. Repairing larger cracks can mean draining the swimming pool and fully resurfacing the pool –– which is a job best left to the pool professionals at Sea Breeze. Though resurfacing a pool is a large undertaking, it can extend the life of the pool and lead to fewer repairs down the road.

De-Greening a Swimming Pool

If you haven't taken a dip in quite some time, you might be unpleasantly surprised to find out that your once crystal clear pool water has gone green. A green pool can douse pool season plans, and if a pool is not properly maintained for too long the entire pool will likely have to be drained in order for the pool walls to be treated with an acid wash. While pool owners can de-green their pool on their own, the extensive nature of this process (and the use of acid) means it is best left to the professionals.

Repairing Serious Leaks

Pools naturally lose some water regularly –– be it through evaporation or just from swimmers taking some pool water with them when they get out. However, when a swimming pool is consistently losing more water than usual, it's possible that you have a serious leak. If this is the case, it's important to act fast to prevent any further water damage. While it's a good idea to try and track the leak down yourself by looking for spongy ground near the pool area, don't spend too much time trying to identify the leak before calling in the pool care experts at Sea Breeze.

Trust the Experts at Sea Breeze

While many homeowners are likely looking to save money by DIY-ing their pool care projects, some tasks are best left to the experts. The team at Sea Breeze Pools is well-versed in pool service, repair, and maintenance, and can help get your pool back in ideal shape before swimming pool season. To learn more about the benefits of an expert when it comes to pool service, give us a call at (407) 385-2847.


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