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Do Not Drain Your Pool Until You Read This

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Draining your inground pool seems like a task some may think they can do themselves, but is not recommended for the novice. Florida especially has a high water table and there are hazards if a pool is not drained properly. A trained professional knows how to access the job for groundwater, as well as what steps may be needed prior to draining your pool.

What Is Pool Popping?

When you are planning on draining pools, you should be aware of what pool popping is. A pool pops when it floats out of the ground to a degree. This can happen when groundwater is present and when a pool is drained. The hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater can literally lift the pool out of the ground. This can be similar to a boat that displaces water and floats. Ensure you hire a professional that has Pool Pop Insurance.

Why Drain The Pool?

A pool can be drained for various reasons including cleaning up a green monster, acid washing to remove stains, or remodeling to update your tile and finish. Your pool is one of the most valuable assets on your property. Some people will pay a premium for the house because they want a pool.

How Do You Keep The Pool In The Ground?

One important item is to identify if you have high groundwater levels. Several factors can be the elevation or height of the pool related to drainage areas, nearby lakes, or wetlands. A test hole can be dug and if the water is present then other steps can be taken.

Removing Ground Water

Some pools will have a deadline or a pipe installed when it was built beneath the pool with a stone bed. This allows a pump to be installed and pump down the groundwater surrounding the pool.

Remove The Hydrostatic Plug

There is a hydrostatic plug inside the main drain that can be removed with the proper tool.

Pumping the water away from the pool

Pumping the water so that it drains far enough from the pool is also important. As well as ensuring the water can drain properly.

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