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Help! My New Pool Is Losing Water!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We told the customer we would be happy to help them solve their issues, but they may want to try working with the builder one more time.

Finding The Problem

We took the time to assess the situation of losing several inches of water a day as well as not having proper water flow. What was later discovered was that a check valve on the pool plumbing was not installed properly. We removed the check valve and installed it properly. This solved their water flow issues on their spa. The builder came back with one of the contractors and then found an issue with the main drain plug missing in the pool.

Crisis Averted and Proper Pool Start-Up

Fortunately, something that appeared to be a horrific situation was resolved without too much of a problem. We also did a proper startup with their pool to ensure proper care for the finish.  No one had been servicing their pool. This is vitally important to be checked regularly. We have found the need to check the pool every other day for a minimum of three times a week for several weeks.

Do you have a new pool that is losing water?  Give us a call or email us with your questions.

You can read about properly caring for a new pool and avoiding pool stains here.

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