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How Can I Use My Pool And/Or Spa More?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Hello. I’m Shawn with Sea Breeze Pool Services.

One of the questions I frequently have is how can I use my pool and spa more? Or how can I make it simple?

One of the easy ways to do that is simply with automation. This is a Hayward ProLogic panel here and one of the great things about it once it’s set up and once it’s programmed for you, it’s really just a simple press of a button. There are other features in other models and configurations that you can do that can be controlled by your device whether that be your phone or your tablet.

One of the great things I like about the automation is that I picture either the husband or the wife you know, in the evening when it’s dark out coming out with a flashlight and manually having to move several valves and then sometimes trying to figure out what valves they do need to move. Then also having to go to the heater and manually turning on the heater.

A great benefit of this is you can do any of the functions that you want simply with a push of a button. The push of the button would move the valves for you in the right convocation, that’s key. Then also, it would turn your heater on and fire that up at a set default temperature that you could set that to.

You also can control your blower, remotely control your lights or LED lighting or color shows or those kinds of things. It depends upon if you want to keep it basic or if you do like some of those other features.

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