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How Do I Know If I Am Getting Proper Pool Service?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Proper Pool Service

If you live anywhere along the I-4 beltway from Windermere to Mt. Dora finding a company that takes care of your pool is important.  So we wanted to outline in this article what a proper pool service looks like so you can make an informed decision.

PH Balance and Pool Chemicals

In general, your pool requires the addition of several chemicals including chlorine, tabs, stabilizer, acid, sodium bicarb, and algaecide,  to operate properly. A pool company that simply adds muriatic acid to the pool to temporarily balance the pH isn’t the best option. Instead, opt for a company that carefully adds the right amounts of specific chemicals to the water to achieve an ideal balance.

To determine whether your pool maintenance team is using the right chemicals, you should first ask which specific types of chemicals are used and how the chemicals are added. For instance, some types of chemicals must be diluted before they are poured into the pool, while others, such as chlorine tablets, are dropped into the pool whole.

The location of your pool is an also important consideration when determining how much or which type of chlorine to use. For instance, pools that are exposed to full sun require more chlorine than pools that are partially shaded because sunlight causes the chlorine to break down faster. In this situation, your pool maintenance person may use slow-release chlorine tablets instead of liquid chlorine.

The color of the water can indicate problems with the pH balance of the water. For example, green-tinted water is a warning sign of improperly balanced water. When you suspect the proper chemicals aren’t used, take the time to test the pH balance of the water using pool test strips from a local pool supply company.

Another option is to have the water tested by a third party. If the pH balance is off or the right amount of chemicals isn’t present, it is time to find a new pool service company for your pool.

Tools of the Trade

High-quality pool maintenance tools are often the trademark of a reliable pool care company; It means they have made an investment toward ensuring proper pool service. If possible, watch your pool service team clean the pool at least once. The team should use a net to remove large debris, such as leaves on the bottom of the pool, along with a skimmer and vacuum to clean the interior pool surfaces. Some pool cleaners also manually clean the interior surfaces of the pool with a scrub brush.

High-quality automatic cleaning equipment is recommended to prevent stressing the delicate balance of the water in the pool. For instance, Hammerhead pool vacuums are gentle enough to clean the pool without stressing the system but are also efficient enough to remove even the toughest debris on underwater surfaces. Along with learning more about the specific brand of automatic cleaning equipment the company uses, you should also know the specific make and model of the equipment to ensure it is right for your pool.

All automatic pool skimmers and automatic pool vacuums should be specifically designed for the type of pool that you have. For instance, use a vacuum that is designed for use on a vinyl pool liner if that is what is installed in your pool, or use a skimmer designed for an above ground pool if you have an above ground pool. In addition to using an automatic cleaner, the steps and sides of the pool are scrubbed with a long-handled brush on a regular basis. Signs of neglectful cleaning include algae or debris in the pool or filters and unbalanced chemicals within a short time of regular pool upkeep.

Tile Maintenance

To maintain pool tile, professional pool cleaners use a variety of tools, including chemicals that balance the water in the pool. Tile that is properly cared for is clean and isn’t overly slippery. If the tile is extremely slippery, algae may be the cause. Most professionals scrub the tile and grout with a soft brush as part of regular cleaning, but may also use a cleaner designed for use in and around pools.

Along with cleaning the tiles using an appropriate cleaner, the pH balance of the pool is adjusted to ensure the tiles remain clean and safe. If your tile appears dingy, scaly, or just isn’t as clean and shiny as it should be, ask your pool cleaner about their tile maintenance routine, and seek services elsewhere if the cleaning and maintenance schedule or routine isn’t enough to maintain properly cleaned tile.

Safety and Licensing

Like other professionals, pool cleaners require specific knowledge to provide the best services to clients. Many companies train new employees to ensure your pool is properly cleaned and maintained. Reliable companies also offer insured employees that are licensed within the state. Before hiring a pool cleaning service, ask to see the employee’s insurance and license. The company should be able to provide the documentation that you request within a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, some companies perform background checks or other screening to provide you with a service that you can trust. Since most people are at work when the pool is cleaned, a thorough background check is vital to protecting your property and home. Along with providing trustworthy employees, the company should follow the safety protocols recommended in your state. Most companies require gloves and safety goggles when adding chemicals such as chlorine to the pool, for example. Unsafe practices are a warning sign that you are not getting proper pool service and should consider a new pool service provider.

If you find yourself not getting proper pool service consider giving us a call or filling out the form here today!

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