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How Do I Know If My Pool Is Leaking?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Hey, Shawn here.

I’d like to talk to you about how to know if your pool’s losing water. That can be done with a bucket test. What the bucket test does is it can take into account evaporation or if you did have a small amount of rain, it could accommodate for that.

What you need is a bucket. This water’s been filled higher than the level of the pool. To weight the bucket down, there’s a black line that can be made. We did it with tape, but it could also be done with a pen or pencil.

We found that a marker doesn’t work out so well because you know when you’re trying to mark the level of the water, you can get a little bit of water and it’s hard to make a good mark. So we did this with electrical tape. You can really do it with any type of tape that is going to stay.

So you got the top of the water level that’s marked here on the pool. Inside of the bucket, the water level’s higher. And we marked the top of the level of this. What we can tell and 24 — really, one to three days is a good test. For one, it will be a little bit more accurate the longer the test.

If the water level drops the same amount in the bucket as it does the pool, then you know you’re not losing water. However, if you find the water level dropped and you have a small amount in the inside of the bucket and there was a difference in the pool whatever that difference would be the amount your pool’s losing the water.

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