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How Do I Prevent My Pool From Staining?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

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In our last post, we were talking about servicing a client in the Stoneybrook West subdivision in Winter Garden; their pool was losing water.  After taking care of the initial problem we did a proper startup care on the pool.  We wanted to share with you the importance of how you can delay your pool from staining for many, many years through proper care.

Properly Caring for Your New Pool

The keys to protecting your investment in your new pool finish are proper care, balanced chemistry, regular brushing cleaning of the filter. The reason this is so important is the finish is still curing especially for the first 30 days. If this is not done properly it can cause staining or future issues with the finish. Especially since a vast majority of busy professionals simply don’t have the time to care for their pool. So proper workmanship on the install as well as proper care for the finish ensures the longevity of the finish and keep it looking pristine.

Pool Stain Prevention

All pool finishes will stain at some point. The key is preventing those stains for as long as possible. From my experience in the field, I’ve seen pool stains start immediately or in less than one year even with a brand-new finish to a pool. I have seen pools that are properly cared for that are 5 to 10 years old looking better than a new pool. At Sea Breeze Pool Services we also are also certified Jack’s magic stain specialist with extensive experience and training to remove and treat advanced staining issues. In some cases, it can be done without removing water from the pool in other cases that requires completely draining the pool and acid washing.

The benefits of draining the pool are not only removing the stains but removing what has caused the stains because you can remove the stains if those mineral deposits still remain in the water stains can quickly form back on the finish just like they did the first time. The bottom line is hiring a trained professional can save you money in the long run.

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