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How Often Should You Drain Your Pool?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

It's that time of year again –– the temperatures are starting to drop, and it's time to begin thinking about winterizing your swimming pool. Despite the fact that Central Florida homeowners can mostly enjoy their swimming pool year-round, many homeowners choose to drain their pool for the colder months.

One question that often comes up among Sea Breeze clients is how often homeowners need to drain their pool. The answer depends on a few factors, such as your pool type and the climate in Central Florida. Below, we have outlined three reasons why you should drain your pool this winter, along with instructions on how to do it.

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Does Your Pool Need Some TLC?


Reasons to Drain Your Swimming Pool

  1. Remove algae and debris

  2. Inspect your pool and equipment

With proper pool maintenance and regular pool cleaning, most pools should only need to be drained once every 3-5 years, but there are a number of benefits associated with draining your pool water.

Get Rid of Dirt and Debris

One of the most important reasons to drain your pool is to get rid of any dirt, debris and leaves accumulated over the year. Even if you have a pool cover, some debris will inevitably make its way into your pool. Draining your pool gives you a chance for some good old swimming pool maintenance, allowing you to give it a good cleaning before refilling it for the warmer months.

Check for Cracks and Inspect Equipment

Another reason to drain your pool is to inspect it for any cracks or damage that may have occurred during the year. It's much easier to spot these issues when the pool is empty, and you can look closely at all the surfaces. Further, draining your pool allows you to properly inspect pool equipment and ensure it is running at optimal levels.

How to Drain Your Pool

Draining a Concrete Pool

If you have a concrete pool, the best way to drain it is by using a submersible pump. Before disconnecting the hoses, you'll need to lower the water level below the skimmer and main drain. Once the hoses are disconnected, you can start the pump and let it run until the pool is completely empty.

Draining a Vinyl Liner Pool

If you have a vinyl liner pool, draining your pool is a little bit more complicated. You'll need to rent a sump pump and hose from your local hardware store to remove the pool water safely. Be sure to follow all the instructions with the rental equipment to avoid damaging your pool liner.

Once your pool is drained, be sure to give it a good cleaning –– scrubbing the pool floor and pool wall –– and inspection before refilling it. This is the perfect time to make any repairs or replace any parts that may be worn out. Once you completely drain and clean your pool, you can begin refilling using a garden hose. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your pool is ready for several more years of fun in the sun!

When in Doubt, Call the Pros at Sea Breeze Pools

Though you can drain your pool on your own, this may be a best-served job for the experts at Sea Breeze. Rather than renting equipment, letting a pool professional drain your pool can ensure that the job is done properly and that your pool is back and ready for action in no time. Remember, regular pool maintenance should reduce the frequency at which pool owners have to drain their pool, but this pool care is a necessary task.

Wondering if your pool is ready to be drained or looking for a pool service professional to tackle this task for you? Call Sea Breeze Pools at (407) 385-2847, or fill out our online contact form.

Take the Guesswork Out of Pool Maintenance


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