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How to Extend the Life of Your Pool

Swimming pools can be a major investment, but for Central Floridians that investment pays off in spades. With some parts of Florida seeing an average of 360 days of sun, there are many opportunities to soak and swim. A pool isn't just a one-time investment, however, and it requires time and effort to keep a swimming pool in good condition for years to come.

One of the best ways to keep your swimming pool in top condition is by regularly maintaining it. This includes checking and cleaning filters, skimmers, and drains, removing leaves and other debris from the water, and keeping chemicals balanced. By taking care of your swimming pool, you can help prevent damage that could shorten its lifespan. In this blog, the team at Sea Breeze Pools will discuss some simple tips that can help Central Florida homeowners prolong the life of their swimming pool.

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Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear & Ready For Swimming All Year-round


Ways to Extend the Life of your Swimming Pool

  1. Keep the pH level in check by using pH balancers and test strips

  2. Regularly clean pool filters

  3. Vacuum regularly for a healthy pool

  4. Monitor the water level

Keep the pH Level in Check

It is important for swimming pool owners to maintain the proper chemical balance, as the right pH can protect pool equipment –– like the heater and pool pump — in addition to keeping the water sparkling clean. Ensuring pool water's pH level is correct is an integral component of proper swimming pool maintenance, and should not be overlooked by those looking to extend the life of their swimming pool. Monitor your swimming pool's pH regularly with test strips, or let the professionals at Sea Breeze Pools keep an eye on it for you to ensure your pool can be enjoyed for years to come.

Regularly Clean Pool Filters

Another vital form of swimming pool maintenance, cleaning your pool filters regularly can help to keep your pool in working order for longer. Like all pool equipment, the filter should not be cleaned while the system is on — so turn off your system prior to conducting any maintenance on the pool filters. There are many dos and don'ts affiliated with pool filter cleaning, so it may be worth it to leave this form of swimming pool cleaning to the experts!

Vacuum Regularly

While this may seem like a minor task, neglecting this swimming pool maintenance method can have a major impact on your pool's lifespan in the long run. Without regular vacuuming, algae can accumulate in the corners of your pool lining and around hot tub jets — which can be a major hassle to remove. Pool vacuum cleaners can't remove algae on their own, but regular vacuuming can prevent algae from accumulating in the first place.

Monitor the Water Level

On the surface, this is a simple tip — but in reality, it is a crucial component of regular swimming pool maintenance. As swimmers get in and out of a pool, the water level is destined to fluctuate. If pool water is not at optimal levels, skimmers may begin to suck air into the system and burn up the pool motor. If unchecked, this can lead to major long-term issues and dramatically reduce the lifespan of your pool.

Leave it to the Experts at Sea Breeze

One surefire way to extend the pool's life is by trusting the pool professionals at Sea Breeze Pools. With nearly a decade of experience serving Central Florida, Sea Breeze is a trusted resource for pool maintenance — and can help you make the most of your pool for many years to come.

To learn more about how Sea Breeze can protect your initial investment by keeping your pool in working order for longer, contact our team at (407) 537-0888.

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