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How to Manage Your Pool Service Information With Your Phone

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Have you ever prepared for a pool party and something went down?

It’s usually at the wrong time, and finding the information for the pool tech isn’t easy either. What I’d like to do is talk to you about the app that we have. What does that mean to you? Lemme just show you something that makes your life easier. One thing that Sea Breeze Pool Service does, is we have an equipment list of all of your equipment.  We will have all your equipment info handy so that we can give you the quickest response time possible and get it back and running for you.

For service, an important thing with new equipment is warranties.

For a full year-round regular pool service, what we have here is all your customer info, gate codes, or anything like that. What we also document is what your PSI are, if you have a salt system, what the salt system readings are, and what the readings have been and what we’re adding to your pool, so, a great way, maybe something you don’t really think about, as far as that information, but what you’re wanting to know is ‘hey, is my pool clear, is my pool safe to use, and if there is a problem, how do we solve it quickly as possible?‘ This is an easy way to do that and track that information. Also, importantly on warranties, we have all the documented information if ever need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer.

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