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Make the Most of Your Pool in 2022

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Are you looking to add some new features or renovate your pool for the coming swimming season? If so, there are a few things you should consider before starting the project. We will take a look at some of the most popular upgrades that can enhance your swimming experience.

Does Your Pool Need a Facelift?


Clean Your Pool Regularly

The best and easiest way to enjoy your pool is to make sure it is always clean before jumping in. No one enjoys swimming if the water chemical balance is off or there are a ton of leaves in the pool. Consistent cleaning and monitoring chemical levels can be provided by our team weekly for your home, so no need to worry about ratios, or if the filter is clean before you get in, we will take care of it all for you!

Let Seabreeze service your pool so you never have to worry about it!


Central Florida is such a tropical climate that we take our backyards very seriously here since we spend so much time in them. Planting around your pool will provide it not only with shade but also turn it into a lush tropical oasis that you can entertain guests in. Greenery can evaluate your entire backyard and provide coverage from nosy neighbors.

Be sure to choose plants that can do well with our tropical climate and don’t produce a lot of leaf litter to benefit the filter of your pool.

Patio Presence

If you entertain at your home regularly chances are you have great patio furniture. However, if you are a new homeowner and want to get more use out of your backyard and pool be sure to invest in patio furniture that can hold up to our heat and humid climate. Outside seating allows your family and friends to enjoy sunbathing and probably even meals outside next to your pool.

The addition of a fire pit to your patio is the perfect way to add to your patio space as well. The contrasting elements of water and fire are always a timeless design. You can get comfortable patio seating for your family to enjoy sitting around fires while also being able to use your pool/patio space at night when darkness falls!

Cabana Life

Bringing the resort feel to your backyard is becoming a reality for many homeowners. Cabanas and Pergolas can provide the shade and coverage that landscaping does without all of the consistent upkeep. These structures can be used for elegant covered seating or you can elevate your pool area by adding an outdoor kitchen or bar for entertaining guests.

Seabreeze Pools can help you enhance your pool experience! We offer weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services so you only have to worry about what you want to add to your pool for 2022. Our goal is to make your backyard a place where you want to spend time relaxing and entertaining friends.

Contact Sea Breeze Pools today to Ensure a Constantly Clean Pool for Your Patio! Having Pool Trouble? Contact Sea Breeze Today!


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