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Make These Pool Repairs Before it's Too Late!

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

While pool ownership means getting to take a dip in the swimming pool whenever you want –– especially after a long day of work –– it also means performing routine pool maintenance to ensure your pool is running properly. These routine tasks might not be the most exciting or relaxing part of owning a pool, but they can extend the life of your pool and help pool owners avoid larger repairs down the road.

Without regular attention, seemingly minor problems can grow costly, and staying on top of these can be the only thing standing between your pool and a full-scale renovation. If you've been noticing some of the below issues with your in-ground pool, it's vital to make the repairs before they get worse and potentially put your pool out of commission for the summer.

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Keep Your Swimming Pool Ready-to-Go Year-Round


Immediately Make These Pool Repairs

  1. Fix leaks

  2. Maintain and replace worn-out parts

  3. Broken pool lights

  4. Cracks or other damage

Fix Swimming Pool Leaks

It's not uncommon for swimming pools to lose water. Swimmers getting in and out of the pool may be taking pool water with them, evaporation due to the sweltering summer sun can lower a pool's water level, and heavy rain showers can lead to excess water. Should you notice that the water level is fluctuating more wildly than usual, or start to find wet spots in your yard, it's possible you could be dealing with a more serious leak. If this is the case, call a professional at Sea Breeze before the problem gets out of hand –– and your pool is out of commission.

Replace Worn-Out Parts

Though different in too many ways to count, a swimming pool and a car do have one thing in common: They're made of parts that face routine abuse and need to be regularly replaced to prevent further damage. Whereas a car's oil needs to be consistently changed to keep the car properly lubricated, pool parts like the filter system, pool pump, and heating system need regular service to keep the pool in tip-top shape. In addition to keeping your pool running smoothly now, repairing or replacing your pump and other workhorse parts will keep your pool in good shape for longer.

Fix Broken Pool Lights

While changing a household light bulb can be a breeze (or the subject of a classic joke,) an underwater light bulb replacement grows a bit trickier. This isn't a home improvement project you'll want to put off for a rainy day, however, as a pool light may be malfunctioning due to an electrical issue –– in which case the pool may not be safe. Though pool lights can be repaired by a pool owner, those without electrical experience will be better off opting for a professional pool maintenance service like Sea Breeze.

Fill Cracks or Other Surface Damage

Over the lifespan of a pool, minor cracks on the pool wall or pool deck are not uncommon. These cracks can form in a number of ways, and they do not necessarily mean that the pool is "falling apart." They do, however, mean that you should pay some attention to the pool surface and fill in small cracks before they become a larger issue. If not handled properly (and immediately,) small cracks along pool walls can develop into expensive, structural cracks.

Don't Wait: Call on Sea Breeze Pools

Though summer isn't fully upon us yet, it's best for pool lovers to take care of their pools now to prevent the chance of being land-locked when summer is in full swing. Opting to repair now can save you time, money, and headache later –– and calling in the professionals at Sea Breeze Pools will ensure that all repairs are done properly.

If your pool is in need of any of the above repairs, call the team at Sea Breeze Pools at (407) 385-2847 to keep your pool in commission for many summers to come.


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