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Preparing Your Pool for Winter: Tips and Tricks from SeaBreeze Pools

At Sea Breeze Pools, we know that pool care is an important part of owning your own backyard oasis. With the changing of the seasons, it's time to start preparing for winter and taking steps to ensure that your pool will be ready for this year's swim season. We have put together a list of our best tips and tricks below to help you get started with winterizing your Florida swimming pool so it can be ready when warmer weather returns!

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Florida Winter Pool Tips From Sea Breeze Pools

1. Clean your pool thoroughly - remove leaves and debris from the surface, vacuum up all dirt and sand in the bottom of the pool, and brush off any algae on the sides.

2. Turn off your filter to prevent it from sucking up leaves or other debris that may have been blown into the pool while you were cleaning it out.

3. Cover your pool with a tarpaulin or lay down a protective mat over the top of it to keep sunlight from damaging its lining.

4. Use an algaecide to kill any remaining algae before winter sets in.

5. Add chlorine stabilizer so that when temperatures drop, chlorine won't break down as quickly and will still be able to effectively clean your water during winter months.

6. Check for cracks or holes in skimmers, steps, pipes, pump baskets, filters - anything related to keeping the water circulating through your system properly - then fix them if necessary.

Make Sure Your Pool is Clean

It's time to get your pool ready for winter! Vacuum up any dirt or sand that is in the bottom of it, remove all leaves from its surface and scrub away at algae on either side. You'll want this cleanliness so you can enjoy swimming during these cold months without worrying about getting bacteria-infested water due to dirty machines not doing their job properly - which could give someone who has an infection bad luck when they least expect it (yikes!). Turn Off Filter for Protection

to help make sure the filter is running smoothly and not overworked after winter is over, it is important to make sure your filter isn’t operating while the pool is out of use in colder months. If you regularly run your filter as you would in the summer months, water quality can suffer as debris gets stuck in filters because you aren’t regularly cleaning it. This in turn can reduce the effectiveness of the pool system’s mechanical abilities like removal or vacuuming of large debris when it becomes time to use your pool more regularly again.

Kill All the Algae

It's not too late to get rid of that pesky algae before winter! Use an antiseptic, anti-fungal compound on your pool deck this summer - just be sure it says "Algae correcting" or has ingredients like copper naphthenate in order for the chemical reaction desired result.

Neutral ph is important because otherwise, you'll have problems with acidic waters harming sensitive plants around poolsides. Make certain there are no cracks where dirt could sneak through by using gloves when applying products near these areas carefully following instructions exactly as printed if any special precautions apply.

Utilize Chlorine Stabilizers

The winter months can be a dangerous time for pools. As temperatures drop, the water will naturally turn colder and chlorine starts breaking down at an accelerated rate- which means that without proper care to prevent this from happening it could lead to potential problems such as algae growth or even bacteria infection in some cases! By adding a stabilizer you'll give your pool longer-lasting protection from these issues while also maintaining clear blue water year-round!

Check Your Equipment Inspect your pool for any cracks in the skimmer or holes in pipes. Make sure that all steps are properly sealed, water is flowing through it correctly, and not leaking anywhere along its path (and if you see anything suspicious then fix it immediately!). Winter is an ideal time to fix or repair existing pool equipment because if you aren’t using your pool as much, you might not be inconvenienced by having to wait for parts for replacement. If you don’t take care of a small problem when you find it, it could lead to major problems down the line!

Sea Breeze Pools Orlando Pool Experts

It's a lot of work to maintain a pool.

Our customers love us because we're reliable, punctual and affordable. We've been in business for over 20 years, so you know that you can trust our team with your swimming needs. In fact, most of our clients have been coming back to us for decades! If you live in the central Florida area and need help maintaining or repairing your pool then please contact Sea Breeze Pools today!

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