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Proactive Pool Maintenance to Limit Extensive Repairs

The old expression "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" rings especially true when it comes to pool maintenance, as regular swimming pool maintenance is the key to preventing extensive repairs down the road. Without proper (and prompt) attention, even the smallest of repairs can accumulate and lead to costly repairs down the line.

Sea Breeze Pools is here to provide you with a few proactive tips that will help limit the need for major repairs down the road. Keep your swimming area looking great all year long while protecting your investment with these easy-to-follow pool care tips!

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Keep Your Pool Clean & Maintained


Pool Maintenance Tasks to Limit Costly Repairs

  1. Don't Overwork Pool Equipment

  2. Maintain Proper Pool Chemistry

  3. Brush Regularly

Keep Pool Equipment Running Efficiently

When not properly maintained, swimming pool pumps, filter systems, and other equipment can become overworked due to clogs in pool skimmer baskets. Over time, even the smallest clogs can accumulate and can vastly impact the lifespan of your pool pump. By proactively keeping the pool free of debris and other would-be clogs, pool owners can prolong the life of their equipment and protect their initial investment. Without regular pool care, the accumulation of debris can lead to a costly pump repair –– meaning it pays to be proactive!

Keep Chemicals in Check

Pool chemicals aren't just for keeping the water in swimming pools safe and crystal clear –– they can actually help preserve the pool's finish (including concrete surface and tiles) while also ensuring that the pump can function properly. Therefore, balancing chemicals in a swimming pool is one major way to prevent extensive repairs down the road by employing proactive pool maintenance. Monitoring chemical levels can be a tall order for pool owners, however, and the best way to ensure that the water chemistry is properly balanced is by enlisting the help of Sea Breeze Pools.

Brush Your Pool Regularly

Despite the best efforts of chlorine and other chemicals, algae will occasionally begin to grow on the sides of pools. While this is no major cause for concern if attended to immediately, failure to keep the pool clean by removing algae can permanently stain the pool liner and lead to a costly refinish down the road. Therefore, taking a few moments to conduct pool maintenance on a weekly basis can pay off in spades –– and keep your pool looking good for years to come. Brushing your pool wall may require a little bit of elbow grease, but breaking a sweat is far preferable to a green-stained pool surface!

Invest In Your Pool's Future with Sea Breeze

These regular pool maintenance tasks may seem like a major undertaking, and many homeowners may feel like they do not have the time for routine pool service. If that is the case, the team at Sea Breeze Pools can help! We have been helping Central Floridians extend the life of their pools through proactive maintenance for years, and are committed to protecting the initial investments of homeowners.

If you don't have the time for DIY pool maintenance but want to make sure you can enjoy your pool for decades to come, give the pool professionals at Sea Breeze a call at (407) 385-2847.

Call Seabreeze Professional Pool Team Today to Keep Your Pool Ready


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