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Reasons to Not Use Bleach in Your Pool

If you're a homeowner in central Florida, your pool is probably one of your favorite places to spend time during the summer. Chances are, you've been using bleach to keep your pool clean all season long. If you want to keep your pool looking great all summer long, then liquid bleach just isn’t going to cut it. However, there are some good reasons why you should stop using bleach and switch to a more effective cleaning process.

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Bleach Won’t Work

The idea that household bleach will clean your pool is a common misconception. Household bleach is much weaker than traditional pool chlorine products, and it also dissipates very fast in sunlight which makes them highly ineffective since we live in the Sunshine State! Since bleach is a lower concentration of chlorine you would need a larger amount of bleach to achieve the same effect as pool chlorine. Therefore the amount of bleach you would need to purchase to achieve a clean pool would be the same price if not more than traditional pool chemicals such as chlorine tablets.

Hazardous for Your Health and Wallet

If you want to keep your pool and liner looking new, it is best to avoid bleach altogether. Bleach can increase lime scaling around your pool which can ruin your pool’s surface and equipment. This obviously will cost you more money in the long run, having to replace equipment and resurface your pool after extensive limescale build-up.

Think your Pool Needs to be Resurfaced From Lime Scaling?

It is important to note that if too much bleach is used, not only will the water become toxic and hazardous for swimmers but it could also lead to skin irritation or even chemical burns. Bleach has a very high pH, which will increase the level of acidity in your swimming pool. You'll need to neutralize this with another chemical (which costs you more) if you want it at an appropriate pH for recreational use - otherwise, your pool is going to be more harmful than fun!

It is tempting to go with the cheaper option when it comes to purchasing pool chemicals, but if you are using liquid bleach for your chlorine needs, you may be wasting more money and time than necessary. Liquid bleach products typically contain less chlorine than what is found in regular swimming pool chlorine products. Additionally, they can’t be used directly on hard surfaces like concrete or tile that surround pools due to the high pH level of their cleaning effects (which causes corrosion).

Let Seabreeze Save Your Pool and Wallet

Most pool owners think that bleach is the cheaper alternative to chlorine and will save them money in the long run. However, this is not true because you end up having to use more of it than a regular chlorine product.

Chlorine products are made for pools, so they have been created with your specific needs in mind. They contain stabilizers and other chemicals which help extend their shelf life and give you better value for your money when compared to store-bought bleach which has no added benefits or ingredients designed specifically for swimming pools.

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