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4 Key Points to Hiring a Pool Pro

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Saving you Time and Money

Here at Sea Breeze Pools, our main focus is offering honesty and integrity to our customers. We are a 'one call can do it all' company that offers swimming pool repairs, pool equipment installation and servicing, as well as pool remodeling (pool tile, resurfacing, pool decks), and much more! Choosing who to hire to service your pool can sometimes be a difficult decision.


Quite often, when Sea Breeze Pools gets contacted by a potential new customer, we find the previous contractor that was hired performed poor workmanship which translated into costly repairs to fix work that was not done properly. These warning signs listed below could have helped save you a major headache. When in doubt, don’t use a contractor or work with someone you don’t feel right with. You need to be able to trust who you work with - so you have peace of mind that your pool is being taken care of properly.

As a consumer trying to weigh your options, we have created a guideline for you to follow on how to assess if a company is qualified to get your business.

1) Benefits of a Professional

  • Extended warranties from installer/manufacturer

  • Saves you money in the long run

  • Saves you time and aggravation

  • Safety / product meeting code and proper installation.

2) Problems with an Unlicensed Contractor

  • Costly repairs to properly fix poor workmanship or safety issues.

  • Liability of being sued if someone gets hurt on the job without workers compensation.

  • Voided warranty / No warranty coverage if product fails.

  • Improper equipment installed, not sized appropriately = problems down the road.

  • Poor quality work that doesn’t meet the initial expectations.

How do you hire a professional that is going to provide you great quality work without the hassles of poor workmanship, improper installation, poor quality and costly mistakes?

3) Verify They are Licensed & Insured.

  • Licensing information is listed on the website DBPR (Department of Business and Professionals Regulations.

  • Check the link: to ensure they are licensed. Any pool repairs or remodeling work done should have a CPC license to work on your pool or equipment.

  • License number should be posted for contractors on areas such as their business cards, trucks, website, flyers and all advertising materials this is State mandated Law. This is the case if any claims are made or implied that they can perform equipment repairs, installs, sales, tile, resurfacing, ect. The only time a CPC license is not required is ONLY for cleaning your pool.

  • Insurance including workers compensation and liability insurance should be provided upon request.

4) Check Their Reputation

  • The BBB, or Better Business Bureau is a great start to see if a company has any unresolved cases with past clients. A good reputable contractor should be able to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. If they do have any complaints a reputable contractor would resolve any disputes that are listed with the BBB.

  • Google online reviews. If someone is doing enough work they will have reviews online. They probably won’t have a 100% A rating of 5 stars with every single person. However they should mostly have raving reviews of satisfied customers.

  • Angie's list and other online listing services like Home Advisor are great online resources to view customer reports of work they have done.

Hopefully this guide will help you weigh your potential options. If you would like to talk about specifics - please give Sea Breeze Pools a call, or click the link below to fill out a quick form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our Main Focus is Offering Honesty and Integrity to Our Customers.


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