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A Recent Experience Servicing a Pool in Winter Garden Florida

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The pool we were servicing was located in Stoneybrook West, a subdivision in Winter Garden Florida. It was a new pool built by a local pool builder. A customer called us very concerned about the status of their pool. The pool had only been running a week and was losing several inches of water every day. They called us to help solve their issues, because their builder wasn't very responsive. We told the customer we would be happy to help them solve their issues, but they may want to try working with their builder one more time - since the builder might already have a solution to their issue.


After speaking to them again, they informed us that the problem was still not resolved. So we took the time to drive over to their home and assess the situation. It was clear that the pool was losing several inches of water a day and did not have proper water flow. What was later discovered during the inspection was that a check valve on the pool plumbing was not installed properly. We removed the check valve and installed it properly. This solved their water flow issues in their spa.

Eventually, the builder came back with one of the contractors and found another issue with the main drain plug missing in the pool. Fortunately for the pool owners, something that appeared to be a horrific situation was resolved without too much of a problem. After the main issues were resolved, we also completed a start up treatment, as well as extra care on the new pool finish. This is very important for the health of your pool especially in the first 30 days, post construction.

The keys to protecting your investment in your new pool finish are, proper care, balanced chemistry, regular brushing, and deep cleaning of the filter. The reason this is so important is the finish is still curing, especially for the first 30 days. If this is not done properly, it can cause staining or future issues with the finish. I found over the years that the average homeowner simply doesn't know or understand the importance of what needs to be done. A vast majority are just busy professionals that simply don't have the time to care for their pool.

Good workmanship on the job itself is important. Equally important is the proper care for the first 30 days on a new finish. This ensures the finish cures properly and helps it look pristine. Proper weekly maintenance including testing, balancing the water and brushing of the finish ensures the customers investment last as long as possible.

All pool finishes will stain at some point. The key is preventing those stains for as long as possible. From my experience in the field, I've seen pool stains start immediately, or in less than one year, even with a brand-new finish to a pool. I have also seen pools that are properly cared for that are 5 to 10 years old looking better than a new pool. Especially in the state of Florida, due to the warm climate, it is crucial to keep up with regular scheduled cleaning and maintenance.

At Sea Breeze Pool Services we are certified Jack's Magic Stain Specialists with extensive experience and training to remove and treat advanced staining issues. In some cases it can be done without removing water from your pool, and in other cases it might require completely draining the pool and acid washing.

The benefits of draining the pool is not only removing the stains but removing what has caused the stains from your pools water. You can remove the stains if the mineral deposits still remain in the water stains can quickly form back on the finish just like they did the first time. The bottom line is, hiring a trained professional can save you money in the long run - so if you're looking for your pool to get serviced by a professional - look no further, call Sea Breeze Pools today.

Keep Your Pool Clean & Maintained


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