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Apopka Florida Pool Repair/Remodel

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Sometimes when you show up to work, you have a customer remind you why it is you love doing what you do. For us here at Sea Breeze Pools, we had that happen not too long ago. Recently we had the opportunity to install a heater and remodel the surface of a pool located in Rock Springs Ridge, which is a subdivision of a neighborhood located in Apopka Florida.

Keep Your Swimming Pool Ready-to-Go Year-Round


Apopka Florida Pool Remodel

During the installation of a water heater and the remodel of this pool’s surface, we had some unexpected help from an excited young boy. Having Nathaniel around while we were working sparked a lot of joy for me personally, and reminded me why I love to do this job. While our crew was working, Nathaniel loved to watch our repair/remodel experts work their magic. Nathaniel knew that having a new pool heater installed meant that he was going to be able to use the pool year-round without having to fear that the water would be too uncomfortable for him to truly enjoy swimming 365 days a year.

It was extremely rewarding to see the excitement of this young boy wanting to use his pool. Especially after the work was done and it came time for him to be able to swim and enjoy the pool the improvements that Sea Breeze had made. At the end of the day, pools really are therapeutic. Great therapy for Nathaniel to enjoy with his family, as well as a way to create lasting memories that the entire family will cherish forever.

Sea Breeze Pools - Central Florida’s #1 Pool Service

If you or someone you know has a pool that is in rough shape and needs some help in the Central Florida area, give Sea Breeze Pools a call today. We have been helping service our local community’s pools for over a decade. We take great pride in operating with honesty and integrity - meaning we do what’s right for our customers - the first time.


Sea Breeze Pools services the following locations in Greater Central Florida:


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