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Stay Safe & Healthy in Your Pool This Summer

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

According to the CDC, Currently, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through recreational water. However, it is important to limit close contact with people outside of your home when visiting public pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds, as well as natural bodies of water—like beaches and lakes—to slow the spread of COVID-19.


However, just because the coronavirus can't be transmitted through water, doesn’t mean there aren't other things that need to be on your radar. As a pool owner, it is important to know the best practices of how to reduce illness and injury from your pool. Here at Sea Breeze Pools, we think it is important to keep your pool safe and healthy so that you can get the most out of the potential health benefits that come along with pool ownership. Here are some things you can do to help your pool stay crystal clean & ready for swimming all summer long.

Regularly Test Your Pool Water

When talking about pool safety, there is more to consider than just protecting against physical accidents and drowning. Your pool’s water needs to be clean, so people don’t get ill from swimming in dirty bacteria-filled water. Regularly testing your swimming pool’s chemical balance is very important. It is critical because, especially in the state of Florida, hot weather and heavy use can easily throw your water out of balance, making it potentially unsafe for swimmers. To keep your pool in excellent swimming condition, Sea Breeze recommends you test your chlorine and pH levels at least once a week.

If You’re Sick, Don’t Take a Dip

Chemical cleaning agents that you put in your pool can only do so much to combat bacteria and germs. That being said, if you’re sick - stay out of the pool. There is no need to add more germs into the environment, especially if the pool is being enjoyed by multiple people.

Routine Skimming, Brushing & Vacuuming

A regularly maintained cleaning routine makes it easier for the chemicals to keep the water of your pool crystal clear. Year-round, there are all types of potential threats to the cleanliness of your pool water. Things like dust, pollen, sediment, and leaves make your pool filtration system work in overdrive. So use a skimmer to clean the surface of your pool, run the vacuum, and brush the walls routinely to make sure your pool is good to go.

Keep the Pool Deck Clean

This may sound a little bit silly, but it makes sense if you think about it. The less mess that is on your pool deck, the less that can be blown or tracked into your pool. A solid sweeping or pressure washing of your deck goes a long way in aiding the health of your pool.

Clean Filter = Clean Water

If your pool utilizes a cartridge-based filter system, make sure you are keeping tabs on it and replacing those filters when they’re in need of a refresh. If you have a sand filter, make sure to stay on top of backwashing the screens when they need to be cleaned. If your filter is dirty, you are essentially just recycling that dirty water throughout your entire pool, and if left unchecked too long, can supercharge the growth of bacteria. This can make it a real pain to get your water back to clean, safe, swimming condition.

If keeping your home’s swimming pool clean is a challenge for you, we can help. Sea Breeze is your licensed, insured, reliable, and affordable option when it comes to Central Florida and Orlando area pool services, maintenance, and repair.

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