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Understanding the Weather in Florida: Pool Owners' Struggles

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

It's a beautiful day in Orlando and you are lounging by your pool. You have the perfect tan, crystal clear water, and nothing to worry about. But wait, what's that? It looks like rain! And it's coming this way too! What do you do now? If you own a swimming pool in Orlando or Central Florida then these struggles are all too familiar for you.


As Florida's temperatures rise, so does the number of pool owners in search of answers. Who has time or money to maintain a swimming pool during these hot months? When will it rain again? How much chlorine do we need to keep our water safe and clean? These are just some of the questions that plague us all as summer approaches. That is why Sea Breeze Pools is here to help! In this blog, we will be going over some common struggles that we hear about - and solutions to those issues. So without further ado, let's begin.

Common Pool Problems in Central Florida

Uneven Pool Floors Loose and sandy soil is a common thing in Florida, making its floor susceptible to shifting. This can lead to cracks on your pool's surface which eventually become a safety hazard for you or your pets as they may fall through the crack into the water below.

Florida has loose, sandy soils that make it easy for things like pools floors underneath them to shift around due to time-lapse - this leads not only to uneven surfaces but also potential hazards where falls could happen if one were careless enough! Regular inspection & maintenance of your pool deck can help prevent these issues from occurring. Being aware of these possible issues is half of the battle, doing something to prevent it from happening is what really matters.


There are many reasons to be scared, especially if you're in Florida. Sinkholes can happen anytime and anywhere - so it's important that you know the signs your backyard is sinking into one! If you spot any of these warning signs, contact the state for help right away: unusual cracks or dips in the ground around corners near buildings; slumping soil where water collects after heavy rains or excessive irrigation; a sudden collapse on an edge of your pool deck surface. Don't forget to keep tabs on small changes like rocks appearing at different levels from day-to-day because this could mean there is something below them pushing up through what used to be solid earth...yesterday!

Water Leaks If you have a pool in Florida, water leaks are something you may be worried about. Leaks can lead to financial and chemical losses as well as soil problems which could turn into bigger issues later on. It's important that if at any point during the day or night your pool loses more than 25 gallons of water per hour, it is time for an inspection by one of our trained professionals with experience handling these types of cases before they get out-of-hand!

One common problem among pools across the nation - including those located right here in sunny Florida - is getting enough attention from owners: Pool leaks occur when hairline cracks form along pipes where tubes meet fittings around pumps and filters. Regular inspection is the only thing you can do to make sure that there are no leaking elements to your pool system. The sun in Florida can be brutal on your equipment, turning hard plastic into a brittle material over long periods of exposure. If you think your equipment may be leaking and are unsure - give Sea Breeze a call today - we can send one of our certified pool techs out to give your pool a proper inspection.

Cracks in Your Pool Deck Pool deck cracks can lead to some pretty unpleasant injuries. As an engaged homeowner who values the importance of good health and safety, you cannot afford to ignore a potential pool deck crack. These cracks can cause some pretty serious injuries that could affect your family in many different ways-from preventing children from playing on the surface all summer long, to causing pain for those walking around barefoot during their backyard barbeque with friends! Fret not though; qualified professionals are standing by right now ready to answer any questions or concerns about this issue. Call us today before a small issue turns into a larger problem.

Pool Water Quality Issues If you live in the Sunshine State, say hello to sunny and hot Florida summers! While this is perfect for pool parties galore, it can also lead to some issues with your water. You might notice that your pool becomes cloudy or greenish in color; additionally, there will be a very strong smell coming from the water too.

The most common cause of these symptoms is algae - something every homeowner needs to deal with at one point or another. The problem arises when they thrive in warm environments like Florida's summertime weather- two things which we have plenty of here!

So what’s the secret to keeping your pool water looking clean and smelling fresh? First, you need a strong enough filter. The stronger the better! If there are lots of leaves or other debris in it, that means things can get clogged up inside which leads to cloudy-looking water and an unpleasant smell. Make sure you also have a floater so algae won't grow on top too much - they're good for filtering out small particles from dirt but not as great at removing bigger pieces like rocks or sticks because their job is just floating around with all those microscopic organisms while trying not to sink below anything heavy where it would be doing more harm than good if left alone down there. If you have additional questions about what to expect from pool ownership in Central Florida, feel free to contact Sea Breeze Pools Today! We are here to help keep your pool clean and clear all summer long.

Keep Your Pool Clean & Ready for Summertime Fun!


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