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Why Year-Round Pool Care is Crucial in Central FL

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Central Florida is a great place to live, but it has its own set of challenges. If you have a pool in Central Florida, then you know there are some unique needs that come with the territory. Central Florida's climate and geography create circumstances that require year-round pool care if your goal is to keep your pool looking sparkling clean all year long. The Sea Breeze Pool Maintenance team knows what Central Floridians need for their pools and can help make sure yours is taken care of!

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Do you take care of your pool all year long? If not, then Central Florida Pool Maintenance wants to tell you why it is crucial for Central Florida residents. The truth is that Central Florida has a lot of different weather conditions throughout the year and depending on when you open or close your pool can mean the difference between an easy clean-up and a long, complicated one. Sea Breeze Pools Orlando knows this better than anyone and would like to share some tips with those who are looking for help with their pool maintenance.

Things to Keep in Mind for Year-Round Pool Care

Regular Pool Inspection Maintaining a schedule to conduct periodic checks of your pool is crucial for ensuring that it stays clear and clean, so set up alerts if you're prone to forgetting. If not, team up with a professional who will take care of regular monitoring instead! Handling a pool requires some serious science skills: estimating how much chemicals the water needs as well as replacement schedules based on chemical levels. The pH balance also has an effect - don't let time slip by before checking out these important steps in order to keep bacteria from thriving too quickly and harming swimmers' health. Pool Safety Requirements

The pool is a breeding ground for infections that can spread to many people. Pool maintenance becomes essential after heavy use, just like during the day of a party or rainstorm. Use shock treatment; add chemicals to destroy all contaminants and clean up any debris in your water - it's important! The weather impacts various parts of your pool such as pipes, tiles, systems, and even accessories but if you don't adhere to their requirements then they could end up damaging them too! Your pool acts differently during various seasons throughout the year - Pool cleaning techniques are different for summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring. That means you need to be on your game year-round, or you could end up damaging your equipment. So be careful, otherwise, a minor inconvenience could turn into an expensive issue very quickly.

Pool Contaminates

Pool maintenance starts from day one. Here are the dos and don'ts for new pool owners to ensure they're not going in the wrong direction: water contamination issues should be high on your list of priorities, as you'll encounter nitrates most frequently—and getting rid of them is nothing short of a nightmare! A few ways contaminants can enter your pool are:

  • The foliage around your pool

  • Septic tanks and wells

  • Acid rain

  • Runoff from trees

  • Waste from local wildlife or pets

  • Human sweat and waste

What's the best way to prevent these nasty contaminates? Regular testing will show if there's any build-up so that it can be promptly remedied before things get too out-of-hand - luckily this only has to happen once or twice a month with some careful preparation (testing strips, chlorine tablets).

When to Test Your Pool Water

If it is a heavy-use season for your pool, we recommend testing your water at least once a week. If your pool isn’t being used regularly, you just need to test it a few days before you are planning on using it to give yourself ample time to treat the water properly.

Testing for nitrate levels becomes even more necessary right before you get ready to use the pool for summer. If you plan on not using your pool during the winter, you may witness higher levels of nitrates during these months compared to a previous season - this is normal. If you are planning on using your pool in the winter, it’s better to start your preparations by first checking that level to ensure the pool is safe and ready to be used. If it isn't, then you need to treat your pool water as soon as possible to get it into a safe and usable condition.

Maintaining your pool should be a top priority for any homeowner. Regularly checking to make sure that the service is up-to-date and making an appropriate plan will help you save on time, money, energy, and resources!

If you are a pool owner in the Central Florida area, and you have any further questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Sea Breeze Pools is dedicated to servicing the greater Orlando Florida area with honesty and integrity.


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