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To Serve and Protect the Customer

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Our Goal is Simple - to Serve and Protect Our Customers.

The only thing that we are looking for from the consumer is someone that values honesty, integrity and quality.

How we protect our customers:

  1. Warranties

  2. State License

  3. By Being Properly Insured

  4. Training and Education


Warranties are great to have in the event the pool equipment fails.  Manufacturers set the standard and criteria for a product to be warrantied.  There are many pool companies that are not able to warranty the products they install.  In order to warranty products, manufactures can require the business to verify a state license and proper insurance.

We are an authorized installer and warranty center for Hayward, Jandy, Zodiac. We can warranty many other products as well.  Swimming pool equipment warranties generally vary from 3 years to 1 year.  Many of the warranties can include labor to replace, although in some cases they do not.  There are specific products that do come with longer warranties as well.

Some of the things that could void a warranty can include the following: Not installed by a licensed professional, Water damage, improper installation, and improper water chemistry.

State License

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR)

is the agency charged with licensing and regulating businesses and professionals in the State of Florida, including Swimming Pool Contractors, Pool Builder, building trades, and more.  

On the Department’s website, consumers and licensees can verify licenses, file a complaint against licensed or unlicensed individuals, apply for or renew licenses, search food and lodging inspections, search for or request public records, and read about recent Department initiatives.

The most important resource for a consumer is to verify a licensed company.  If you are a victim of an unlicensed contractor you can also file a complaint.

Proper Insurance

Liability and workman compensation is there to protect the business, employees, and you the consumer.  In the event, someone is injured on your property you could be sued if the company does not have workers compensation insurance for the employee.  The larger the job the greater the liability.  Almost all companies that hire contractors require 1 million dollar  Liability insurance.  In the pool industry, one of the most important things to ensure they carry is pool pop.  A pool could pop if it was drained for clean-up, remodeling work, or accidentally.  Yes, a pool could drain accidentally if equipment failed and the pump continued to run pumping out all the water.

Training and Education

Training is vitally important to keep up with technology, code, and regulation that constantly changing. Technology brings new innovative and improved products forward for the customer.  Although we may not enjoy codes and regulations they are generally created for your safety.  Continuing education and training is so important, that the state of Florida requires it for license renewal for the swimming pool industry, as well as many others.

We receive training from various resources.  Certified state classes are set up to meet continuing education requirements for state licensing. Industry-specific organizations have training and resources as well.  Expos created that are industry-specific are also a great resource. Training and Education can also be done through the manufacturer directly.

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