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Top 5 Pool Upgrades to Consider

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Your pool is one of your biggest investments, and it's important to make sure that you're taking care of it and using it to its full potential. Whether you're looking for ways to upgrade your pool or just keep it in good condition, these tips will help. From adding a heater to getting a new liner, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your family's swimming experience.

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Refinish Your Pool

With the warmer weather right around the corner, now is a great time to lighten up your swimming pool with an upgrade in the finish. A darker color will absorb more UV rays which means you can keep water warm without increasing thermostat settings. Darker finishes also make your pools look more modern while cutting down on energy costs for heating.

New Pool Pump

You might want to consider upgrading your pool pump if you're looking for ways to save some money when it comes down to the cost of upgrades. Pool pumps are major energy consumers, but they've become much more efficient in the last ten years.

The EPA has announced that all new pools and pump replacements will be required to install variable-speed motors from 2021. You can read more about the new regulation in another Sea Breeze Pools article: Federal Pool Pump Regulation to go Into Effect July 19, 2021.

Designed to reduce noise and vibration, variable speed pumps use a magnet-based motor that allows for maximum energy efficiency. Unlike traditional single speeds which require constant energy without any pauses in between adjustments or timer systems built into them; these new types have adjustable settings along with automatic timers making it easier than ever before!

When you optimize when and how your pump runs, you can cut down on wear-and-tear while also extending the life of parts, which means that they last for years before needing replacement!

Upgrade to a Larger Filter

The filter on your pool does an important job in keeping the water crystal clear, allowing it to pass through while removing any debris. A larger than average size of this equipment means more surface area which helps reduce work for your pool’s pump and uses less energy throughout all aspects!

Think About Poolscaping Possibilities

To upgrade your pool’s environment, consider incorporating features that will benefit it. For example, adding trees or shrubs can lower heat loss and decrease evaporation which will both help cut down on water costs! If you don't want to add any greenery but still want protection from harsh winds, then opt for a wall with a hardscape or a pergola instead — it will create an instant design feature while also helping protect against water loss.

Use Pool System Automation

With a robotic pool cleaning system, you can take the hassle out of maintaining your home’s swimming area. These powerful robots have been around for some time but they've come a long way since their introduction — today's models don't just clean water and floors; walls are also dealt with efficiently by these smart devices!

An in-pool cleansing system is another great way to keep your pool clean without the hassle. Your pool will be equipped with pressurized water nozzles that spray directly onto all surfaces, including steps and benches! These little pop-ups can be equally or more energy-efficient than robotic cleaners because they don’t have any motors but still clean just as effectively.

Don't Forget About Routine Maintenance

The filter and pump are two of the most important parts when it comes to keeping your pool’s water clean. If you want them operating at peak efficiency, or just don't have time for DIY pool maintenance we've got solutions! Our team will take care of these maintenance needs on an ongoing basis so all you need to do is enjoy life by the poolside.

Maintaining your pool can be a hassle, and it's often difficult to know when you need to upgrade your pool for the next season.

Many people don't think about their pool until it's too late, and they're left struggling to get it ready for summer. Often, this means that they have to pay more money for a rushed job.

Sea Breeze Pools - Locally Owned and Operated

Sea Breeze Pools is here to help, and we offer routine maintenance services so that you never have to worry about your pool again. We also offer equipment upgrades so that you can always have the best possible swimming experience. Not sure if your pool’s equipment is operating properly? Don’t worry, we also offer free equipment inspections in the Central Florida area.

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