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What You Need To Know About Pool Drainage Systems

If you're a swimming pool owner, you understand that owning a pool comes with a fair share of responsibilities. Among the many facets of pool maintenance is the management of your pool's drainage system. A good understanding of your pool water drainage system is crucial to maintaining a clean, safe, and functional pool. Let's dive in!

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What is a Swimming Pool Drainage System?

The pool drainage system is responsible for circulating pool water and is key to keeping your pool clean and clear. It typically consists of skimmers, drains, and return jets. The skimmers are installed around the pool edge to collect debris floating on the surface. The drains, often placed at the deepest part of the pool, pull water down to filter and sanitize before it is pumped back via the return jets.

Why is a Pool Drainage System Necessary?

Your pool's drainage system plays a vital role in water circulation, ensuring that water passes through the filter, eliminating dirt, debris, and other contaminants. It helps distribute sanitized water and pool chemicals evenly. This circulation also prevents stagnant water areas, reducing the chance of algae growth and mosquito breeding.

Types of Pool Drainage Systems

There are generally two types of pool drainage systems - gravity and pressure systems.

  1. Gravity Pool Drainage System: This is the most common type, often found in residential pools. It operates based on gravity pulling water through the drains and into the pipes towards the filter and heater. It requires less energy than pressure systems but has limitations in handling large volumes of water.

  2. Pressure Pool Drainage System: This system utilizes pressure to push the water through the system, accommodating larger volumes of water. They are more efficient and faster but consume more energy and may require additional maintenance.

Pros of a Pool Drainage System

  1. Improved Water Quality: By facilitating constant water circulation, the pool drainage system helps maintain crystal clear pool water, free from floating debris.

  2. Effective Distribution of Pool Chemicals: The system aids in distributing chemicals evenly throughout the pool, preventing areas of high chemical concentration.

  3. Prevents Algae and Mosquito Breeding: Continuous pool water movement helps deter the growth of algae and stagnation that attracts mosquitoes.

Cons of a Pool Drainage System

  1. Installation and Maintenance Cost: Installing a pool drainage system can be costly. Further, consistent upkeep is essential to avoid blockages, leaks, or pump failures.

  2. Energy Consumption: Especially with pressure systems, the energy required for pumping can be significant, contributing to higher electricity bills.

  3. Potential Safety Concerns: If not correctly installed or protected, drains may pose a risk of entrapment. However, modern pools come with anti-entrapment features to mitigate this risk.

Key Aspects of Pool Drainage Maintenance

Regular Cleaning

This involves removing debris from skimmers and cleaning the strainer basket in the pump.

Checking pool Water Flow

Observe the strength of water returning to the pool through the return jets. Low pressure may indicate a clog in the system.

Inspecting for Leaks

Regularly inspect the pump and filter system for signs of leaks. Early detection can prevent expensive repairs down the line.


This refers to cleaning your pool filter by reversing the flow of water through it.

Seeking Professional Help

Complex issues like a blockage in the drain pipe or a malfunctioning pump may require professional assistance from our team at Sea Breeze Pools. Our knowledge and experience allow us to handle these issues quickly and efficiently.

Sea Breeze Pools: Helping You Understand Your Pool

Understanding the inner workings of your pool drainage system is vital for any pool owner. By weighing the pros and cons, you can better appreciate the system's importance and upkeep requirements. With regular maintenance and proper care, your pool's drainage system will serve you well for years to come, ensuring you can continue to enjoy those refreshing summer dips or relaxing evening floats. As always, our team at Sea Breeze Pools is happy to help you maintain your backyard oasis. From routine cleanings to repairs and remodels, we're just a phone call away! 

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