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When to Repair or Remodel: a Pool Owner's Guide

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

There's no feeling quite like a brand-new swimming pool. Looking out at a pool's picturesque surface and dreaming about an afternoon dip is a great way to start your morning, and the freedom of people able to go for a swim whenever you please is hard to beat. While the feeling of having a swimming pool all of your own might never fade, the pool itself will start to show its age over time. If you're in this situation, you might be asking yourself: is it time to repair or remodel?

While similar in name and overall intention, the difference between pool repair and pool remodeling can be quite significant. Therefore, it is crucial that Central Florida homeowners know how to tell when repairs are necessary –– or when it's time for a full-scale remodel. Sea Breeze Pools has a decade of experience in both pool remodeling and swimming pool repair and has put together this guide to decipher when one is necessary over the other.

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Keep Your Swimming Pool Ready-to-Go Year-Round


Pool Repair vs. a Pool Remodeling Project

Swimming Pool Repairs

Repairs are more common than swimming pool remodeling projects, but this does not mean that repairs are any less important. Keeping up-to-date on repairs is crucial, as without regular repairs, seemingly minor damage can accumulate and create major issues down the road. Common repairs include:

  • Leaky swimming pool pumps

  • Skimmer leaks

  • Clogged pumps

  • Dirty filters

Many of these swimming pool projects take only a few hours to accomplish, making them a far smaller undertaking than a remodel. Still, those few hours of labor can add up — and it's never a bad idea to rely on the experts.

Swimming Pool Remodeling Projects

Whereas pool repairs refer to common issues which arise with pool equipment, a swimming pool remodeling project is a far less frequent occurrence. There are a number of reasons why you might be remodeling your pool — perhaps you want new pool tile, a more visually-striking pool deck, or need to refinish the swimming pool's surface. No matter the reason, a swimming pool remodeling project can breathe new life into the entire pool area and give homeowners a chance to have their "dream pool" again. A few common projects included in a swimming pool remodel are:

  • Refinishing the pool's surface

  • Resurfacing pavers

  • Repairing decks on concrete pools

Sea Breeze Pools specializes in creative pool remodeling projects and can completely reimagine your outdoor space with just a few strategic changes. For homeowners that are interested in a more dramatic remodeling project, however, we can also apply our remodeling process to larger redesigns.

Pool Repair or Pool Remodeling: Which One is for You?

For starters, pool repair is for everyone: and is crucial to extending the life of your pool. Regular pool service keeps pool equipment in working order, ensuring that the pool is a fun and safe space for all guests. Eventually, however, it's likely that homeowners might opt to take on a swimming pool remodeling project. After a few years, many pool owners feel it's time to reinvigorate their pool, and a remodeling project is a great way to inject new life into an outdoor space.

Trust Sea Breeze for Your Pool Needs

Sea Breeze Pools is a team of trusted pool service, pool repair, and pool remodeling experts and is happy to help customers make their swimming pools as enjoyable as the day they were first installed. Many clients choose to opt into our pool service program, which starts at $135/month for regular cleaning. This is a great way to limit eventual repairs, but the experts are on it should necessary repairs arise.

In the more rare event of pool remodeling –– be it installing a new pool deck or a surface application –– Sea Breeze Pools can give your pool several more years of life in two weeks or less.

To learn more about pool repair, remodeling your pool, and which option is right for you, contact Sea Breeze Pools by dialing (407) 385-2847.


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