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  • Chris Delahoz

Sea Breeze Pool Services: Hayward TriStar VS Expert Line

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We Are Your Hayward Exclusive Dealer

The Hayward TriStar Pool Pump can only be purchased through a pool service professional. They are unavailable for purchase online. In order to qualify for the extended warranty, the pump must be installed by a licensed professional. As a Hayward Platinum Partner, we are able to install the pump, as well as apply the warranty to the product.

The manufacturer warranty is 3 years for the VS 900 model, and 4 years for the VS 950 model. The VS 900 model is 1.85 HP and can be used on practically any average-sized pool. The VS 950 model is 3.0 HP and is best used for pools that have water features, or if you want extra flow for spas. These are very common on newly-built pools since new codes require energy-efficient equipment.

These pumps are very quiet in comparison with older single-speed models. In many cases, it can be difficult to tell if it is even running since it is so quiet! As for cost, prices vary among model size. However, they typically range between $1500-$1800 installed, saving you up to $60 on your electric bill monthly. Contact us here at Sea Breeze Pool Services if you have any further questions on the Hayward TriStar Pool Pumps, or need assistance in its installation today.

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